Meanwhile back at Magellan Island… Security Chief Tom Bass (aka ThundaKlap) and empath Freya Foster (aka Vybe) are working on ways to save everyone’s backsides. The stretchy woman, Macey, is a security guard (one of many at the island) who has been seen on a number of pages… first appearance on page 4.158. The guards at Magellan Island generally have powers themselves but for one reason or another have never gone on to become registered super-heroes.

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Crossoverkill: Hoodoo from Force Magellan will be appearing in the webcomic crossover epic Crossoverkill – which has now kicked off. Full details in the new Magellanverse blog Sequential Daze. A big welcome to those of you who may have dropped in via Crossoverkill or one of the other participating titles, currently we’re about three quarters of the way through Chapter 5 (aka Worst Field Trip Ever) which starts here… and the whole epic Magellan adventure starts here… please feel free to check it out and I hope you enjoy your read.