Professor Spongeface, (aka Brian Lonsdale aka Brelvis’ father – or, more correctly, the Brian part of Brelvis). Although he’s been around since the end of chapter 1, Lonsdale truly trotted out his evil intentions in Chapter 5 – Worst Fieldtrip Ever. He was human once, but you’ll have to read that chapter to see how he becomes a “psychopathic evil scientist/alien hybrid”…!

Brelvis Lonsdog was formerly Brian Lonsdale and Elvis (the dog) until Brian used one of his father’s experiments in a misguided attempt to become superpowered. As Brelvis he has a considerably enhanced sense of smell and greater strength plus a few other things. Enhanced intelligence is not one of those.

Gifford is a goblin from another dimension who found himself on Earth quite by accident, stranded with no way back.

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