There’s a fair bit history referenced here… Go!Anna (Annie) and Wombat-Man (Luke) were a couple as well as crimefighting partners until Captain Victoria (Vicky) got involved – see page 3.19 (um… NSFW!). A lot of pages ago but only about seven months for Annie. Also, we haven’t seen Redd/Justine Keff in any kind of conscious condition for a loooong while – see page 5.41 for when she last had words with Go. BTW, that symbol besides Captain Victoria in panel 3 is for Oz Magellan, featuring its customised version of the Magellan star insignia (which all international teams do) – see  History 10 for some of the varitions. And finally, you might be interested to know that Gen-Ex first reared its head in the pages of Magellan back on page 2.66… which also introduced Vicky Bourke on the following page… which was also where Brelvis parted ways with his mother and father. Phew!