Here we are inside Fatima’s brain and it’s not a very happy place! This is the first time we’ve seen any other PherNians (the half human, half cephalopod inhabitants of PherNos found somewhere under the oceans of Earth). Unfortunately for her mother and father it’s also a recounting of their demise – sorry it’s a bit brutal! I know, I know… Orphan’s Ordeal… not the most original origin but one that I’ve had in mind for Fatima since the beginning. As far as I know she’s the only direct orphan in our current crop of cadets (although the alien Chiq doesn’t know his parents at all). These events would have taken place about two years before we first met Fatima in pages 1.45-46. Now, Fatima has given an account of how/why she is at Magellan Academy on page 6.41… make of that what you will!