OK… some but not all the members of Magellan USA. There are reserve members plus also other members in two other HQs across the United States. These are some of the core members in New York. We’ve previously met Flambe (see page 4.120) all the others are new, although you may have spied some of them in various forms on the cover for Redux. And yes, some of them have already changed their appearance/costume, notably Twilight. Thats utterly my fault, as it seems I forgot to add the ‘black eye’ make-up on the cover, and then, as I was colouring this page, I found that the white face was a much more interesting look so went with that. I will have to update the cover at some point… sorry about the inconsistency.

So… Magellan USA… we won’t get to see much of most of these characters in this story, but here’s a very quick overview:

  • Greyhound: speedster (as if he wouldn’t be!)
  • Battlestar: telekinetically assembled battle armour
  • Glom: alien electrical eel, also… hugs!
  • Flambe: pyrokinetic/fire generation
  • Maestro: invisibility, phasing… a real phantom of the opera!
  • Twilight: as noted in Gola’s monologue, a deep-range telepath.

Also, the International Justice Force (IJF) referred to by Gola were the super group of the 1960s and up to 1972-3 when they changed their name to Force Magellan (which later led to offshoots such as Magellan USA and Oz Magellan, etc). Gola was a member along with Magellan, Nitro-Man, Glamour, Chinese Lantern, Green Pope and Dr Logarhythm – you can see them gathered (presumably at this NY site) in 1972 in this history page.