Judging by the comments by various readers a few pages ago, this moment was seen coming by many of you… like a very large truck speeding down a narrow road… oh well, I had thought I was being clever when I originally thought of it but clearly not clever enough. Anyway, we get to see Gola put her case… whether she gets her wish, and in what form, remains to be seen.

When I started this story I said it probably would be 20 pages – yes, many of you scoffed, and with good reason – but (shock!  horror!) it would seem that Redux will indeed finish on page 20. That means that Chapter 6 is a lot closer than you may have realised… more details on that next week.

I’ve really enjoyed working on Redux, the shorter focused storytelling certainly keeps things moving along. As much as I also enjoyed Chapter 5 it felt like it got bogged down from time to time, probably there were too many details to juggle and threads to resolve. On one hand it’s all those threads help make for a complex story but on the other hand the details get lost in the length of time it takes to tell a story. This time around I deliberately side-stepped delving into the Magellan USA characters – had I done so this story would have been much, much, longer. But that’s the pay off for a shorter more focused story – fewer characters, single thread. As a reader what works best for you?