In this update we drop in on the first year cadets….

Olga is referring to Brelvis’ human father (specifically Brian’s father, the now psychotic DNA blended Professor Spongeface) as opposed to Elvis’ canine father… technically Brelvis has four parents! Brelvis had been at Locke Island to tell dear old dad about his (human) mother’s attempted suicide… see here.

Gee, Maria and Yasmeen really have their claws out for Olga… you can see some of that history here and here

Oh, and The Drudge is a training exercise in a sewer… lots of fun. Olga missed out first time because she was indeed at Locke Island, to visit old antagonist Vlax. You can see the other cadets “enjoying” that experience here

To people only just joining the comic, I’m sure all this makes zero sense… sorry, we’re right at the end of a very loooong chapter – maybe start here instead!

Also, if you want to see other stories involving this particular batch of cadets read Olga & Brelvis (for the cute) and The Olaf Mystery (for the weird)…

Next update: Sunday January 14, 2018: Epilogue 1 continues… Go!Anna gets a surprise offer…