And thus ends the longest pregnancy in history… how long ago was it that Hoodoo got knocked up when she Dirty Danced with Captain Perfect waaay back in the Crossoverkill crossover? Obviously nine month Magellan time, but quite a few years by our reckoning. My thanks to Red Death/Dan, Captain Perfect’s creator, for allowing that to happen! For other Hoodoo moments, including the astral possession of her as then unborn child, follow the Hoodoo tag!

As for the destruction of Faux DragonKlaw, Hoodoo is referring this moment on page 6.318

To people only just joining the comic, I’m sure all this makes zero sense… sorry, we’re right at the end of a very loooong chapter – maybe start here instead!

Next update: Sunday December 17, 2017: The verdict… the hearing draws to an end.