Annnnd it’s back to Magellan Island briefly. The shooting of Vertigo, of course, refers to this scene on page 6.76.

So, who are some of these faces? Hopefully you know a number of them. The second panel shows us several first year cadets. For their thread in this chapter see pages 6.29, 6.31, 6.83 and 6.86. Notably we have Sun Moon (Olga’s friend) and Ornuk (Brelvis’ friend) and Maria Ponti (Olga’s Charisma)… if you need further help with names etc you should check out this charming little series named Olga & Brelvis which introduces all of the first year cadets.

The third panel features third year cadets Janice Blake and Hamish Bashir – you should remember them from the sequence starting from page 6.06. Witch and wizard respectively, they are friends of Montana-Rose and Jemima our second year witches. They were both introduced in Bad Karma and played a modest but important role in proceedings. They’re also in part involved in the poop going down over at Locke Island… so I think we’ll be keeping an eye on them! BTW, next to them is fellow third year cadet, centauress Briar O’Hennessy – who had a cameo back on page 5.12!

Panel four has a number of fourth year cadets being taught by Dr Biskart En (last seen waaay back on page 4.13). Cadets you might remember include speedster Zac Breen, shape-shifter Polly, phaser V’ries (all introduced on page 4.161), wizard Ali and witch Yukiko (see 4.184).

Second last panel has four fifth year cadets training in the Robomat…  most notably, third from the left is long-range teleporter Padma Singh (remember her from chapter 5?). The other three you might recall glimpsing in scenes on page 4.149 and 4.269.

Phew! Remember, the cast page is (mostly) your friend (actually, it really needs to be updated… but I think most of the above except some of the first years are all included there)…