Geneva calling: As long time readers will know, Annie and Freya have been friends going way, way back. We saw Freya (who, as Vybe,  has the ability to sense emotions in others and to heighten and alter emotions en masse) graduate alongside Annie in the opening scene of this story. Those of you with super awesome memories would recall Freya also knew Dianne. While it’s never been explicitly stated, all three of them were originally at Greenslopes (which was name dropped in the History section as an institution that trains students with abilities in the non-combat use of their powers). It’s kind of like a Xavier’s but without the constant threat of annihilation, while those Greenslopes students that want to get into super-heroing apply to Magellan Academy… Annie and Freya went went the latter route while Dianne stayed at Greenslopes..

Oz Magellan and Euro Magellan, the local branches of Force Magellan are mentioned here, and while we’ve previously seen Oz Magellan (based in Sydney) and  Magellan USA (based in New York) we’ve never seen Euro Magellan (based in Geneva) in action. Anyway, that’s where Freya has landed following graduation and, for those that don’t know, Grímsvötn is an active volcano in Iceland.

One final note, some of you might recall that in the present day Freya is in a relationship with Tom Bass and yet here she is apparently sleeping with a woman… so yeah, she’s bi. I guess it never really came up before!

Next update: Sunday October 14, 2018: Dropping in on Oz Magellan.

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