Hi folks, so here it is… proof I am still alive. Proof that I haven’t abandoned you all and that you may never know the outcome of the current story. Proof that, yes, Magellan will continue!

No excuses for the break in communication – for some reason I found it incredibly difficult to do what I had to do and that was to admit I needed to go on hiatus till I sorted out my personal poop – I should have let you know ASAP and I didn’t and for that I apologise.

The good news is, coming out the other side of the ‘personal poop’ threshold I am now getting my writing and drawing mojo back. My inspiration and desire to dive back into the Magellanverse – sadly absent for months – has now returned. My muse is back from her vacation I guess. Happy dance!

Magellan will resume updates from August 1. Yes, August 1. I know that leaves you hanging a little bit longer but I expect it will be worth the wait. Fingers crossed anyway. Hope you can rejoin with the Magellan gang and we can get this epic little story finished!

Sooooo… the ‘personal poop’. You don’t have to read this if you don’t wanna…

…still here? uh, OK. gulp.

Well, I’ve been going through some “stuff” lately, which I kind of alluded to a while ago. It hasn’t been the core cause for my muse skipping town on me but it no doubt played a part.

Essentially, I’m transgender and over the last few months I have transitioned to my preferred female gender identity – and I am now Grace Crowley. Nope, this isn’t a joke, no my account hasn’t been hacked. But yes, I am now living as a woman. Living, breathing, writing, cartooning and everythinging as Grace. The pronouns I’d ask you to use when referring to my work – past, present and future – are she and/or her. If you would I’d be deeply grateful.

I don’t know what you know about trans people, chances are 99% of that is not all that accurate anyway given the portrayal of trans women in the media isn’t particularly realistic. Stereotypes of trans women are generally demeaning, derogatory and wildly inaccurate. But hey, whatever, right? Stereotypes, gonna stereotype. I’m not about to try and lecture you  on what being trans is all about, I’m not going to bring the politics of that into my comics – I’d link to something useful that really simply, clearly, non-condescendingly explains what the issues and processes are, except I’m yet to find that page. Anyway, the only thing you really need to know is that I’m so much more freaking happier now than I’ve ever been in my life. You seriously have no idea (unless you’re trans too, I guess).

If you’re cool about all this, then cool. Yay. If you don’t care what flipping gender I am because all you really want is for me to pull my flipping finger out of my flipping butt and start drawing flipping Magellan again, then, uh, cool! If you’re not cool about it and think nasty things about it and me, then please keep that to yourself, I’m not interested in hearing it.

The only change you should notice about the comic is that underneath, where it currently says my previous male name, it will begin to say “by Grace Crowley” instead. As there are almost 1,000 pages this might take a bit of time for me to accomplish but I’ll get there…

I’m excited about getting back into the comic and hope you can join me for the ride! 😀


BTW, If you’ve just landed here and want to read the comic, the start of the current chapter is here.