So now we get to see Blue Team, and as many of you may have already surmised, it is comprised of the three power houses in second year – Billy Banks, Charisma Epoch and Lyta. A bit unfair I hear many of you say! But since when was life fair? Anyway, poor Gold Team (bioplama shooter Gregor, density controller Joe and third year wizard Hamish) still weren’t much of a match for Blue. While Charisma is vulnerable to electricity she apparently shrugs of Gregor’s bioplasma blasts – Anka who discharges electrical bolts would be one of Charisma’s greatest threats, but as we know Anka’s team (Black) is now out of contention. I think we know who set off the flare… next update will confirm all.

BTW, Charisma’s needling about Billy’s hypothetical hair loss stems from her knowledge that his alternate future self (Victory-Man II) is follically challenged… see here!