There’s a lot jammed into this update:

  • Meeka Chi: One of the Faculty heads (for Law and other legal stuff). She was first seen waaaay back on page 1.19 (see if you can spot her) and Kaycee mentions her in passing on page 2.64.
  • Vlax: C’mon, you remember Vlax – right?? And click through a few more pages to recap the history lesson. 🙂
  • Brelvis’ mother: Technically he does have two mothers – a canine mother and a human mother. His human mother was last seen on page 5.135
  • First year cadets!: Yes, these are some of Brelvis and Olga’s fellow students who, had you been voting recently (hint, hint) you would have started to meet through the Olga & Brelvis reward strips. (This week’s reward strip also has a link to all previous strips.) So who are they and what can they do? Those introduced in the Olga & Brelvis strips so far are:
    • Sun Moon (purple stripe in hair): dna+; powers of magnetism
    • Ornuk Mf (little blue guy!): Gnorn Troll (alternate dimension); power of shape shifting (See History 3 first appearance of a Gnorn Troll)
    • Matt Bloom (yellow tee): dna+; sub-zero temerature control
    • Kyunda Mbutu (blue tee): dna+; ability to split into multiples
    • Maria Ponti (green top): DNA mutate; luminance/light force control
    • Yasmeen Jafari (head scarf): witch

Sadly, like many Magellan cameos, they are only passing through and won’t play much of a role in this story (not even Ornuk… sorry!).