You didn’t think I was going to let Cassie get off lightly did you? A lot of talk on this page – mostly from Good Guy who apparently likes to listen to himself talk. I quite enjoyed cooking up the theory of psammorphology (ie sand-shifter physiology)… at least as it applies in the Magellan-verse. As for Cassie’s ultimate fate it might take a few more pages but it will be revealed… stay tuned!

It was interesting writing Good-Guy in this scene… other than a few pages right near the start of this chapter (5.04 and 5.05) he hasn’t really been himself and more or less all he’s had to say has been “yes” so I haven’t had much of a voice for him. He’s meant to be South African but I didn’t want to throw in random accents or colloquialisms, mainly because I’m not all that up with the lingo and didn’t want to sound glib or get it wrong (I know myself, I really hate it when non-Australian writer insert out-dated Aussie slang and “accents” into their antipodean characters). So I just eschewed all that and went for standard dialogue. The second challenge was to not make him sound too much like The Man Who Can, who is generally conceited – that’s why I added the “don’t panic” comment, even though Good-Guy is clearly clueless to the fact he’s not making Joe feel any more at ease about the situation!