Back on Magellan Island… whew! Frames 2 and 3 touch on the loosest of threads yet… Gola Beh’s lost memory. A brief recap – Gola Beh, a telepath, was a member of the International Justice Force in the 1960s and early ’70s and then a founding member of Force Magellan after the death of Magellan in 1972. She was also a founder of the Academy and a member of the Academic Council – unfortunately for her she was abducted, in her own mind, by Miasma (evil Maya from the future) and made to believe she was still in 1972. Gola finally managed to escape her mind trap through sheer force of will but lost all intervening memories after 1972. Some several months later, there’s been no luck in restoring those memories. Got all that? There’ll be a test later. 😀

I can reveal today that the next story is going to be a short 15-20 pages titled Redux that will  go looking for Gola’s lost memory… and in this page we see the start of that journey as Gola and Force Magellan member Vertigo head off to the New York HQ of Magellan USA. We’ll be meeting a bunch of never seen before Magellan USA members (including Turquoise, mentioned above) plus also catching up with Flambe and Dr Spooky! So yes, I’ve only just got us back to Magellan Isalnd and we’re off again… but I think you’ll find Redux to be well worth the side trip before we kick off Chapter 6.

The other issue touched onin this update is Go!Anna’s difficulties training Brelvis and her problems facing up to her split with former crime fighting partner and lover, Wombat-man… see pages 5.16-17 and 5.19-20, for a refresh.