And so the new story starts… with a Magellan silver-age flash back! In fact this is a fairly pivotal moment for the Magellan-verse… the soon to be very first meeting between Gola Beh and Nitro-Man (aka Ken Spence)… retro ’50s costumes and everything! It’s also their first encounter with a rather evil woman – the villainess Vlax. Congrats if you guessed who she was on the cover. More about how her powers work over the next few pages. Gola and Ken are quite young here probably around 19 and 20 respectively. One of the things I love about doing Magellan is the vast unexplored timeline which, unlike at certain other comic publishers, is set (more or less) in stone. This is the furtherest we’ve been back in time in the actual narrative (previously it was the showdown at Moscow against the Q’Arth in 1972 which kicked off Chapter 4) and it was fun to research some 1950s fashion and add the flavour of it to what would have been Gola and Ken’s very first uniforms. Anyway, Chapter 6 is now underway… no estimates on page length but it should be a good solid story.