The Things That Matter 04: Annie’s pretty happy to be back in the arms of her boyfriend from Magellan Academy days – Luke McDonald (aka Wombatman) – let’s see how long that lasts!

As a character, Wombatman has been around for ages – first appearing in Chapter 1; back again in chapters 2, 3 and 5… you’ll have to read through all those chapters to get a sense of the Wombatman story.

BTW, I didn’t quite get the colour highlights and shading finished in time – you can blame the Netflix Lost in Space series for that (and the fact I binged through all 10 episodes in 24 hours). I was a big fan of the original show as a kid (even though I can’t stand to watch it now)… a couple of tediously long episodes not withstanding, this was a very decent reboot/upgrade/reimagining.

Next update: Sunday April 22, 2018: The Burrow!

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