So what’s everyone’s unfavourite Magellan security guard Cassie Bloom up to? Bitching and moaning of course! In case you were wondering, or needed reminding why Cassie might have it in for Maya Applecross you should at least check out pages 4.299 & 4.300 because that’ll shed a lot of light on the history between these two characters. You miiiiiight also want to check out 4.137 (first appearance) and 4.159 (for her first meeting with Maya). So anyway, it should be fairly evident that Cassie doesn’t need all of her sand particles to be mobile. Also, don’t ask me what that first panel is about – I just thought it would be fun to come back to the Oz Magellan base on a slightly different tangent… I don’t think we’ll be seeing the tourist boat again (or will we?? – despite the fact I’ve got the general trajectory for the rest of this story mapped out, some bits are still fluid).