LegacyPage 18 of Legacy is now up and you can read it by voting for Magellan at Top Webcomics… Nadine has a tough choice to make about some unwanted visitors. Voting helps to raise the profile of Magellan and bring in more readers.

So now that the cat is out of the bag about the Character Assassins… if you are a particularly new reader you may be unfamiliar with them. Essentially they are a cult that follows the Master Assassin – who believes that he is living inside a constructed narrative and that killing the Alpha Character will allow him to escape the “Creator’s” narrative. They were first introduced in Chapter 4 and seen again in Chapter 5. They also featured in the Cross-Overkill crossover, along with the Master Assassin, who was seen again in Chapter 6. Although undisclosed in the pages of Magellan, he and his cult have been responsible for many deaths as they try to weed out the Alpha Character…!

Here’s an overview of the Golden Age superhero The Streaker, whose legacy plays a major part in this story. And here’s an overview of some of the other speedsters in the Magellanverse… which should be particularly useful with this update.

I should add that voting will also give you access to all the pages you may have missed so far!

As you might suspect, this story will include depictions of nudity from time to time – nothing gratuitous, but if that sort of thing isn’t your thing then I’ll understand if you don’t want to vote!