… annnnnnnnnnd we’re back! Woo! If you’re a long time (long suffering) reader, welcome back and thanks for your patience. If you’re a new reader, welcome – there’s a lot of great reading in the archives. About a month ago I decided to set up a new site for Magellan – magellanverse.com – and this is it. Unfortunately it’s not as finished as I would have liked for the big return, largely because I’m crap with plug-in and style sheets etc… but it’s getting there.

So, Worst Field Trip Ever… we left things hanging with Kaycee getting a sock to the jaw from a mind-controlled Tassie Tigress of Oz Magellan fame and with Fatima concussed and hidden off to the side somewhere – the action picks right up at exactly that point. Rather than me recounting the entire story so far, if you really need a recap I’d suggest reading this chapter from the start… here.