Page one of the new story… and it gets to start with a quick scene of violence!! Things don’t look too good for Gola or Dr Spooky.

Popping back six hours however and everything is all smiles. We saw Gola Beh and Vertigo (aka Kendra Dern of Force Magellan) heading off for New York on page 5.139… and now they’ve arrived at Magellan USA HQ.

Writing this story has proved an interesting challenge – I keep wanting to write Gola as an old woman but, the thing is, from her point of view she isn’t… she feels herself to be a youngish woman trapped in an old woman’s body. She’s coming to grips with the fact it’s no longer 1972 and the world has moved on. We’ll delve more into that as the story unfolds.

Also, today we’re introduced to another member of Magellan USA – Liberator. If you check out page 4.120 where we meet Flambe and Dr Spooky, you’ll notice that Flambe is speaking to Liberator but this is his first actual appearance. He is, if you like, the ultimate strongman… probably matching Epoch for sheer strength and physical invulnerability but with a much larger frame – he can’t fly however. He’s also the current leader of the Eastern (NY) team.

This isn’t the first time the comic has visited New York (see page 4.01!)… I decided a slightly more generic backdrop was in order this time, although the art in panel 3 is from an actual shot of the NY skyline. I think the photoreferencing mostly works. As you might have guessed, this HQ is also island based – more on that in the story.