Here’s the cover to kick off the next majory story arc – Chapter 6: Lock(e)down. Locke Island is the location for the maxi-security prison housing the worst of the Magellan-verse’s most dangerous villains. It has been referenced in passing on a number of occasions and was introduced during the Bad Karma story on this page – as noted there, it is located 20km south of Magellan Island where the Academy and Force Magellan HQ are sited.

The name was derived from the character Locke, a master thief in Tim Demeter’s awesome webcomic Reckless Life (no longer online, that I know of anyway) – at the time we were both on Graphic Smash and I thought it would be amusing to use that name – as it turns out it also ultimately gave me a nice title for this chapter.  So anyway, as you may be deducing, this chapter will be based around Locke Island and it will be an opportunity for you and the cadets to become uncomfortably familiar the many dangerous fiends that are incarcerated within the facility.

The cover shows a number of the characters we’ll be meeting – some of them you will probably already be familiar with from the last chapter Worst Field Trip Ever but some have only been glimpsed in dreams and day dreams (for example page 1.09 – Evil Weevil; or pages 3.01 and 3.02 – the Baxter Gang’s Fireball, Vanishing Vanessa, Stretch and Clobber) or have been name dropped in passing in the main comic (see the aforementioned page 4.92 – Vlax and Brainspike; or Redux – the Anti-President), or introduced in other material (see Charisma’s Kiss Me Concert – Sista Superior, which also mentions Assault and Battery; Charisma’s E-Tweets which mentions Gator Maid; and Crossoverkill – the Master Assassin). All of them and one more are included in the cover above – see if you can guess/pick them!

As for the cadets – they’ve finally moved into their second year and this story will mostly take place some months into that year.  You may notice they’re now wearing the blue colour coded uniforms first seen being modelled by second year cadets Janice Blake and Hamish Bashir in Bad Karma see page 4.184. Three of the cadets have a new hair-style… Bill Banks, Maya Applecross and Jemima Castlemain. There are also two familiar faces in the purple colour coded first year cadet uniforms… yes, Brelvis Lonsdog and Gol… uh… Olga Beh!

I’m not going to give an expected page count for this chapter, that usually goes awry anyway! While I am hoping to keep it trim and taut it should still be a meaty entry into the pantheon of Magellan epics!