The Things That Matter: Here’s the cover for the next Magellan story. I suspect many of you might have been expecting/hoping for a big, juicy, multi-thread, multi-character chapter… instead, I present for you a smaller, restrained story featuring Go!Anna. Here’s the cover for the story (yes, believe it or not, this is the page that gave my computer a nervous breakdown last week and will necessitate me buying a new machine).

Anyway, I won’t say much about this story for the moment, let’s just say that page one – which my $10 Patreon patrons – got a sample of over a year ago, will reveal much about the course of The Things That Matter…! See you next week.

Next update: Sunday March 25, 2018: The Things That Matter begins…

Legacy: There’s a new voting incentive about the Magellanverse’s speedsters, including the very first… The Streaker. Next update will be March 22-23, keep an eye on the blog or RSS feed. Voting gives you access to the current page, raises Magellan’s profile and hopefully scores us a few more readers (oh, and BTW, pages might contain nudity!).