Hey there! Back in production – hopefully uninterrupted for at least the next month or so.

Apologies for the break in transmission, my day job was mega intense in June-July and I needed August to unwind before I could even begin to think about Magellan again.

So, if you thought you’d find out what happened to Vertigo and Hoodoo, think again… we have instead a bit of quick look at many others across the Locke Island Maximum Security Prison Facility regaining their wits (a metaphor for me in August, perhaps).

It’s been so long (sooooo very looong) since we saw these characters in their actual physical bodies I figured a recap was in order… starting from panel 1:

  • Epoch and Charisma: having lost her temper and punched a hole in a wall, Charisma was sulking outside… her father, superhero Epoch was sent to talk some sense into her (see here). Previous to returning to their physical bodies Charisma was part of a cadet hive consciousness and Epoch was inside the nightmare of The Man Who Can.
  • Go!Anna and Magellan faculty member Meeka Chi: having accompanied the cadets to Locke Island they were waiting for Epoch to coax Charisma back inside the facility (see here). Go!Anna had been part of the team that deep dove into Montana-Rose’s psyche to defeat the astral parasite. Meeka was made one of the Anti-President’s astral zombie hoard in his attempt to gain control of the astral parasite’s power.
  • Brelvis, Freya, Professor Sponge-Face (aka Brelvis’ father) & Locke Prison Guard Dwayne Donovan: Having venture into the low temperature containment facility of Locke Island to connect with his hideously mutated father, Brelvis instead found himself engaged in a brawl with one of the prison guards while Magellan councillor Freya Foster tried to intervene (see here). Having been turned into a mind puppet of Brainspike, Brelvis was then later part of the same cadet hive consciousness that helped sort shit out inside Montana-Rose’s psyche. Freya and Prison Guard Donavan were also conscripted to the Anti-President’s astral zombie hoard.
  • Brainspike: This telepathic villain been sensing the build up of astral/psychic energy on Locke Island, even from behind the walls of his telepathically locked down prison cell (see here). Having led a team of mind puppets to, and into the vortex of Montana-Rose’s psyche in a bid to secure the power of the parasite he was ultimately unsuccessful in gaining anything.
  • Master Assassin: having just witnessed the attempted murder of Magellan hero Vertigo, the Master Assassin is convinced the death of this “alpha character” will break down the walls of the narrative universe he believes himself trapped within and allow him to destroy the story Creator (see here). His adventure within the astral void has forced him to reevaluate the identity of the alpha character.
  • Vlax: dying from a terminal illness (and old age), psychic vampire Vlax is unaware that she is about to receive a visit from teenage cadet Olga Beh – who had fought Vlax some 50 years earlier as teenage Gola Beh. Depspite her age and illness Vlax is still considered extremely dangerous (see here). Her battle with Olga on the astral plane and within Montana-Rose’s psyche has now revealed Gola’s true identity to Vlax.
  • Force Magellan members Ranger Bill, Tros and The Hierophant: waiting to give evidence at The Master Assassin’s trial (see here), these three Force Magellan heroes have just awoken from their telepathic coma to find their team mate Hoodoo has suddenly gone missing. They are yet to discovered that her body was shanghaied by alien telepath Vostok (see here)… and that she is now in the Infirmary… giving birth!
  • Chief Prosecutor Hernandez and Locke Prison Guard Jess Adams: Prison Guard Adams was in fact a Character Assassin had just attempted to murder Force Magellan hero Vertigo – Vertigo had been anointed the “Alpha Character” by Character Assassin cult leader The Master Assassin. Chief Prosecutor Hernandez, who had been plotting with Prison Guard Arne Samson to murder The Master Assassin has instead found himself intervening in the attempt on Vertigo’s life (see here).
  • Fatima, Kaycee, Rochelle and Sioni: along with all the other second year Magellan Academy cadets they had been visiting Locke Island Maximum Security Prison Facility… when Charisma had her hissy fit they found themselves in the rather underwhelming Infonasium (see here) just before being plunged into astral oblivion… and beyond!