Back to the Force Magellan thread of the story – see 6.34, 6.46-47 and 6.53 if you need to catch up. If security guard Adams looks familiar, it’s because you last saw her on page 6.49!

There is a mention of Brainspike in today’s update – who was once mentioned in passing on page 4.92. We’ll see more of him soon!

I was a bit hesitant to include the media in this scene – they do help to provide a plot point but I wondered if they might not be stretching credibility. Locke Island is a moving, ultra high security prison after all… and they’re letting in civilians, who could tell the world where they’re located. And what are they there for anyway? I reconciled that with the fact that media always report on court cases, this is the judicial part of the island and they have extremely limited access to the facility and undergo significant security checks and protocols before being permitted on the island. The media are also mentioned as being at Locke Island in Charisma’s cononesque Tweet story (see May 7th).