Back a few pages ago, when I thought up the idea of the “million zombie” rally it occured to me that it would be remiss of Magellan USA to not call on the services of Dr Spooky… I mean, c’mon, you couldn’t get more supernatural than a million zombies. That’s why I added the differentiation of ‘classes of zombie’ for the purposes of the Magellanverse: A=undead; B=telepathic meme virus; C=bio-virus; D=toxin/radiation. Heh! There could be other grades but those are the main ones. The fact that the Anti-President uses telepathic meme-viruses should tell you a lot about their modus operandi.

Now, a confession, I have never been to the Hamptons, NY (probably not that surprising, I suppose)… and when I originally drafted this page there were pine trees in the parking lot. I’m much more used to drawing random shaped eucalypt trees for Australian scenes so I figured I’d go for a different type of tree. Then I went for a bit of “drive” through parts of the western Hamptons (using Google Street View) and, not seeing a single pine tree decided to change to whatever variety of trees those are that I’ve used instead. Yes, that’s the extent of my research… Google Street View!

Hm, things don’t seem to be getting any better for Gola with that woman… and “NOW” isn’t that far away now.