This is the Friday update…

Assault & Battery… I think Assault & Battery was originally a name drop in the pages of Magellan some while before this story started (can’t remember where right now) – and I remembered that when putting together this story and the cover. At that stage I was unsure as to whether that character should be one person -which seemed a bit boring – or two, except I didn’t want to be always drawing two people. So I compromised and made them both one and two. I present Wilbur and Orville Wrong… Assault & Battery. Primarily very strong and fairly invulnerable… and, uh, two heads.

Joe… has struggled with his density power – to assume a low density cloud like form or or super dense granite form – for some time. Mainly because using it has always left him naked. Reading Worst Field Trip Ever will give you the low down on that.

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Next update: Monday February 20, 2017… Olga vs Vlax! (I won’t even try to make it a mystery…!)  Magellan is updating three updates a week for at least the next 3-5 weeks – Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays