100Hey! 100 pages! WOOT!! I guess, given that Chapter 4 was 300 pages long, reaching 100 for Worst Field Trip Ever isn’t exactly that big a deal but it is still a milestone. When I originally conceived this story I was expecting it would be sharp, short and over in 50 pages… 60 at the most. Apparently not! Part of the reason was the added complexity of George Lonsdale – Brelvis’ father – being behind the creation of the hybrids. In early drafts they were just monsters due to radioactive mutation (yawn). Anyway the end is nigh – by “nigh” I mean about another 20 pages but I’m planning to go to twice weekly updates in about two weeks so that should pick up the pace.

Not a lot to say about today’s update – we learn about the cocktail of DNA that has gone into making Grey the savage beast he is today. Also, we see a nuanced display of Good Guy’s light force power – previously he’s only used fully opaque light spheres to contain captives.