So how many versions of Olga/Gola is this now? A little fact, the new costume (with goggles, pleat skirt, gloves, etc) almost debuted with her arrival on the scene back at page 6.93… that was in the original draft. But the more I thought about it the more she needed to go through a few stages of confusion before she could get her footing, we had spent most of the story around her in this chapter dealing with how unsure she was about who she was  as a younger person/cadet. That’s why I changed her to Original Gola on that page and stepped through some more complexity to get her into a more stable, self-assured state. And yeah… so now we have Olga and Kaycee as PherNian cephelomaids! You may recall Fatima did a stint as a “human” (along with Gifford and Jenna) back on page 5.134 courtesy of Maya’s mind mojo and now it’s Kaycee’s turn to role play!