I had fun coming up with a sixties-ish design for Olga’s wardrobe… now that’s real fashion she’ll have you know! If you’ve only recently joined up with Magellan, Freya’s description of the situation regarding Olga is about as precise a description of her current situation that you’re likely to get – for more details read Redux (and see the links available there to check out earlier stories regarding Gola). Seems like the cadet experience isn’t panning out the way she expected – but you’d also know that if you’ve checked out…

Olga & BrelvisOlga & Brelvis #8: a new installment of Olga & Brelvis is now available through Top Webcomics – to see it all you have to do is vote for Magellan. Olga is “related” to super-heroine former Gola Beh – is that enough to impress the others? Your votage gives us a higher ranking and greater exposure to new readers. Magellan made it as high as #29 during February (with over 2,680 votes)! That was an absolutely fantastic effort. Read more in the blog or vote now! Many thanks if you do or have voted! 🙂

Next update: Wednesday March 7th, 2012: First year law… Olga Beh: teacher’s pet?; plus, bad news for Brelvis! Oh… and a number of the new first year students (who you may have already met if you’ve voted recently) make their debut in the main comic.

CrossoverkillCrossoverkill: Hoodoo from Force Magellan has joined with superheroes from other awesome webcomics to take on the nefarious Doppelganger Gang in Crossoverkill! A big welcome to all newcomers, we’re partway through Lock(e)down… and the whole epic Magellan adventure starts here… please enjoy your read.