OK, so this is one of the looser threads in this particular chapter – but here is the basic background… Jenna (and her cousin Bif) are members a demon race known as the Forn, a small number of whom have taken up residence on Earth as refugees following religious persecution and genocide (see History 1.03 for a very brief mention of this); Forn have the ability to manipulate air, water, fire and earth… some moreso than others, which is what has given Jenna and Bif cadetship at Magellan.

Annnnyway, way back on page 5.15 there was some discussion between Gifford and Jenna about the merits of Kaycee Jones, none of it particularly favorable; on page 5.22 we learn that Jenna has some issues with Bif, which she then spells out in a little bit more detail to Gifford (in a blink and you miss it moment) on page 5.27 and which is related to the “religious indiscretion” of head shaving discussed above. Now I’ll admit that the Forn religious tension was meant to be a much stronger arc throughout the course of this story, but other plots ended up needing much more attention and so this one went by the wayside.

So… Jenna, using her poor command of the wind did in fact actually manage to accidently blow both Fatima and Kaycee off the island and into the water as seen on page 5.45 despite the fact Kaycee had a more effective solution to the problem at hand; Bif, who is a 6th year cadet, made a much better tactical showing with his powers but was injured in the fight on page 5.50; following which Jenna spent most of her time telling everyone how scared she was and calling out to her deity, Mog, for help – Lin-Lin offered a blunt assessment on page 5.109 (BTW, yes, a colouring mistake with her eyes, I should really change that)! Phew, that about cover it all! Hope that’s useful.

You may be interested to know that very, very originally I had pencilled in Jenna to be the one who saved Maya from Cassie, giving her a bit of an opportunity to save face… but then decided that she didn’t really deserve it!