ahem. Yes. Stretch was first seen was first seen (along with Clobber) on  3.02. This is Gator Maid’s first appearance within the comic, although she (and her attack on Disneyland) was mentioned in Charisma’s tweets (see May 6th)!

Finally got a chance to add the shading… tried to do it last night but started to nod off at the screen, which is always a recipe for disaster so I went to bed instead!

Pimpage needed!: Tim McEwan from Supanova Expo is looking for suggestions for cartoonists (Australian and International) who might make good guests at Supanova. If you can think of any good reasons why I might make a good guest at a future Supanova please let Tim know! Email your reasons to tim@supanova.com.au

Magellan Books… win all three!: Round FOUR is GO! Everything you need to know to be in with a chance to win the Magellan books is here – go, go, go! 🙂

Olga & Brelvis: the adventures of Brelvis & Olga will be taking a break for a month while I get myself sorted out for Sydney Supanova. All 20 strips are now available here – please don’t let the break stop you from voting for Magellan though… in fact there’s an even greater incentive to vote… (winning some books!)

Next update: Wednesday June 27, 2012: Two new villains!

CrossoverkillCrossoverkill: Hoodoo from Force Magellan has joined with superheroes from other awesome webcomics to take on the nefarious Doppelganger Gang in Crossoverkill! A big welcome to all newcomers, we’re partway through Lock(e)down… and the whole epic Magellan adventure starts here… please enjoy your read.