When writing a story, rather than working on a completed script,  I usually  have an outline of where the action is headed and plot accordingly, moving from one scene to the other. Often though I get ideas during the course of the production story that weren’t there originaly but are too good to exclude… case in point, meet Otto the Spooky Mobile. On the previous page, “spooky mobile” was just meant as a throw away humorous line… but when I got to thinking about the car itself all sorts of wonderful ideas came to mind and Otto was the end result. If I had a clone I would immediately put him to work on a Dr Spooky & Otto spin-off series, but alas I don’t so this will be mostly all you get to see of them together in this particular story. Oh well!

Apart from the general problem I have with drawing cars, the other major chllenge for this page was to remember to have the driver in the left hand seat. Here in Australia the driving’s done the other way around and even though I’m familiar with the concept, having watched plenty of American TV and movies, it still felt odd drawing Dr Spooky behind the steering wheel in the left seat.