This page was written while I was flying between Sydney and Melbourne last week. Not that it’s all that significant to what happens in today’s update – but I did find it useful to be confined in an airborne tin can for an hour or so to helped me to write what was a fairly info dense and tricky installment. I’m never quite sure if pages like this are necessary, to some degree they explain stuff that the reader (that is, “you”) probably already knows or has surmised but I still feel compelled to impart it anyway.

All that said, there’s a lot that I really like about this page… the way the characters are standing around nonchalantly, trying to not draw attention to themselves gives me something different to work with from the usual face-to-face positioning. Poor Joe, at least Gifford has offered up his jack to cover Joe’s nether regions!

Next week I’m hoping to have two updates – more info next Wednesday!

Comments, questions, etc welcome!