So today we shift our focus from Joe to Kaycee, Brelvis and Fatima – since we haven’t seen them for a few pages. I’m a big fan of showing characters walking around and sitting around (for some reason though I hate drawing them standing around). The walk around may not have a lot of action but it’s a good way to get out a bit of sneaky exposition. In other news, it seems that Annie and Luke (Go!Anna and Wombatman) may have mended some bridges… kind of!

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Next update: Friday July 1, 2011: Brelvis steps up?

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CrossoverkillCrossoverkill: Hoodoo from Force Magellan joins up with other superheroes from other awesome webcomics to take on the nefarious Doppelganger Gang – please read Crossoverkill! A big welcome to those of you who may have dropped in via Crossoverkill or one of the other participating titles, currently we’re about four fifths of the way through Chapter 5 (aka Worst Field Trip Ever) which starts here… and the whole epic Magellan adventure starts here… please feel free to check it out and I hope you enjoy your read.