As you might notice I’m ticking off a few “what about so-and-so?” boxes here.

I guess you don’t go through what Gary/The Man Who Can went through in his nightmare-scape without some adverse effects.

We last saw Magellan USA waaaay back at page 6.117 when the astral parasite (via The Man Who Can’s technopathy) attacked, then tried to take control of, their plane and them. We never really dealt with why Magellan USA dropped out of the picture while Twilight appeared in astral form at Locke Island on page 6.169 to save Olga from Vlax. Well now you know, they voluntarily took themselves out of the fight and prevented their fire power from being added to it by ditching Eagle One… but still sent their most suited member in to duke it out.

To people only just joining the comic, I’m sure all this makes zero sense… sorry, we’re right at the end of a very loooong chapter – maybe start here instead!

Next update: Sunday October 8, 2017: Wherefore art thou, Vostok?? Last seen fleeing a nuke… did the telepathic space cucumber survive?