Just wrapping up a few threads for Annie Summers (aka Go!Anna) with this update. She has been feeling at a loose end… see her comments to Freya here and the observation of fellow instructor/former super-hero Mika Chi (formerly aka Micra) here

And she was indeed considered “Force Magellan Worthy” – see Ken Spence’s rant waaaay back in Chapter 1 here (panel 4). So what is this story about her being offered a probationary spot on the team right out of the Academy? Stand by, that’s not far away.

For previous near disasters that Go!Anna played a part in averting, other than the most recent Lock(e)Down, see also Bad Karma and Worst Field Trip Ever.

Force Magellan: The pre-eminent super hero outfit in the Magellanverse – at the start of this chapter membership was Vertigo, Hoodoo, Epoch, Tros, The Hierophant and Ranger Bill. Looks like that is shifting!

New readers: I’m sure all this makes zero sense… sorry, we’re right at the end of a very loooong chapter – maybe start here instead!

Next update: Sunday January 21, 2018: Epilogue 1… Life returns to “normal”. BTW, we have 7 pages to go until the end of Locke(e)Down!

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