I enjoyed putting this page together… a series of vignettes rather that full, one page scenes to help tie up or revisit some of the dangling threads. That end the first epilogue, one more to go!

Lyta and Sioni: as some of you may know, Lyta is a warrior demi-goddess from the dimension Arkan, she has a none too friendly disposition and is not prone to demonstrations of affection. But Sioni was there in her mind when her nightmare and personal shame got turned up to 13… from page 6.160 onwards…

Mudge and Billy: Mudge – whose power had prevented him from touching others without experiencing uncontrollable severe pain and telepathic flashes – now believes he has that more or less under control. Since he was over-sexed but isolated from intimacy he has built up a major reputation as a desperate creep, something he doesn’t seem to have yet figured out how to untangle himself from.

Vostok and Kaycee: Vostok’s space craft was damaged here and Vostok was rescued here. Freya actually suggested Vostok might make a “good” trainer for the cadets way back here. Kaycee did indeed save Vostok’s life in Bad Karma, Vostok did reciprocate (by killing her first!)… but apparently that wasn’t enough. Vostok sure has an odd way of expressing gratitude.

The Man Who Can and Epoch: Epoch discovered that Gary Wang (aka The Man Who Can) had a massive fanboy crush on him when he dropped into Gary’s nightmarescape. Things just got weirder from there… and considering how intense things got for Gary I just had to wrap up this particular thread!

New readers: We’re right at the end of a very loooong chapter – maybe start here instead!

Next update: Sunday January 28, 2018: Epilogue 2… Today wraps up the Magellan Island threads, but what about on Locke Island?

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