Sunday update!  Only three minutes late today! So, so close to being on time, d’oh!

So it’s been a while since we saw The Man Who Can and Hidden Dragon… way back on page 6.84 to be exact. For those who need a refresher, they’re from the Australian based group Oz Magellan – he has the ability to telepathically interface with computers and other technological systems (aka technopathy) while she has the power of invisibility. We saw a lot more of them in Chapter 5 if you care to check it out!

Twilight (telepath … Magellan USA) and Epoch (strength, flight, invulnerability… Force Magellan) were last seen here – and are in their astral forms (hence the passing through solid objects).

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Next update: Wednesday July 15, 2015. Yes, a Wednesday update!! What is The Man Who Can’s greatest fear??