Sista Superior was one of those characters you create when you need a simple, violently inclined thug. Which I did when I made one of my first voting incentive stories Kiss Me in which she crashes Charisma’s pop princess tour and causes general mayhem and murder. I liked it so much I made it canon, which brought Sista Superior into the fold. She has immense strength and is considerably invulnerable. To top things off she also has a plasma blast, making her one extremely dangerous individual. She has shown up in various other guises, a subplot in @Charisma_E Tweets and as a super-bot in not only this story but also the CrossOverkill crossover.

Charisma is, I’m sure, familiar with most regular readers. Another flying brick powerhouse. She is the daughter of superhero Epoch… much to her chagrin.

Gregor… another second year cadet. Also has the ability to fire off bio plasma bolts, although his are nowhere near as destructive and lethal as Sista Superiors. Not yet anyway!

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