Okay, so we leave the Locke Island Prison Facility for a few pages as the news of events quickly reach those over at Magellan Island! You may or may not remember the training sequence near the beginning of this chapter where Mudge Wilson was less than useful (pages 6.12-13) and where both Lyta and Charisma Epoch lost their cool in fairly spectacular fashion (pages 6.21-23)… then that Tom Bass discussed the issue with Freya (page 6.33).

We see members of the Academic Council around the table – you may be familiar with Mary Gemmas (formerly the witch Glamor in the same time frame that Ken and Gola were operating, and last seen in this chapter on page 6.30), there’s also Alfred Burfett and Yuri Mantovic (formerly Dr Logarythm an the Green Pope – both last seen in Redux, page 17-18) plus Janje (Cyberia) Ruff and Dr Alonzo Zee… two others who were first seen waaaaay back in Wannabe (pages 1.20-22) and have been glimpsed in cameos here and there. And yes, Dr Zee is the chimp (actually a human mind inside a super-soldier chimpanzee)! You might notice, comparing page 1.20 with now that I have actually figured out how to draw chimps and have realised that adult chimps are actually close to human size. Anyway, I thought it would be fun to drop them in. (BTW Janje’s name was originally the result of a typo, many years ago as I set up a cast page I meant to type Jane but then mistyped… once I realised though I thought Janje was way more interesting!)