Let me know if this is your pic so I can credit it!It’s been a very busy couple of months at my day job and I was really looking forward to a months worth of vacation starting from next week – I had figured I would use the time to get up a buffer of Magellan pages and whatnot.

Unfortunately I’ve apparently sprained my hand through too much drawing and WACOM pen/mouse work/typing (yes, RSI – a mild case, but still, bah). Plus there’s a secondary complication in which I cleverly managed to crack/mildly fracture the knuckle of my drawing hand little finger/pinkie and it needs to be bound for a week or so (I caused that injury two months ago, it didn’t seem a problem at the time but mild pain and swelling has manifested in the last two weeks, probably exaserbated by the RSI, I dunno, and I won’t bore you with the stupid details except to say it’s surprisingly difficult to draw well with this seemingly inconsequential finger bound) .

Bottomline is that drawing is not really possible at the moment (and in fact really hasn’t been for the last two/three weeks – yes, I probably shouldn’t have done those last few pages of Magellan or Dr Spooky, but I really wanted to keep the stories moving along… plus I’m an idiot). I’m going to have to rest my hand from all but light sketching for the next three weeks or so, which is really disappointing – so, no Magellan, no Dr Spooky & Otto and no Crossoverkill pages by xmung until January I’m sorry to say . This is a bummer, but at least my hand isn’t totally wrecked – there’s no sharp shooting pain for example – but if I don’t rest it properly now there’s every chance I will end up being unable to use it for drawing at all, and that would totally suck!

I’m going to use the time to rest up, get the storyline and website sorted out, and also look into making the books available outside Australia and in ebook format… so there are some positives at least. At this stage I hope to start Magellan updates and new Dr Spooky vote rewards from the first or second week of January. I’ll keep you posted on other developments through the site, Twitter and Facebook. In the meantime have a great festive season and a happy New Year, see you for new Magellan in 2013!