For those that need a little primer/reminder… first year cadet Olga Beh is a telepath and also formerly superhero Gola Beh, who was deaged significantly and left with memories of her life to age 30 something. To read how all that went down, check out Redux. One of the things she does remember is her first encounter with Vlax back in the late 1950s… this is something GoAnna has no clue of, believing Olga to be a great niece of the “now deceased” Gola. Vlax is in fact the reason Olga wanted to be at the Locke Villain Containment Center in the first place… and has already had one very unpleasant encounter with her during the current crisis. How will round three go?

The Olaf MysteryIn other news – please check out The Olaf Mystery! It’s a short Magellanverse themed story you can read by voting for Magellan at Top Web Comics. Not only do you get a great story by long time reader VileTerror and myself by you’ll help to boost Magellan’s profile. Today’s update is the cover… all you have to do is vote. Comments welcome here.

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