The Poison Poet (see on the chapter cover) is a character never before mentioned in these pages or elsewhere. Mind melting poetry… plug your ears and run! And I should say it’s not BAD poetry per se (although, given that I’m writing it, it very likely is) … but it will kill you!

Former Magellan Security Guard and Psammomorph/Sandshifter Cassie Bloom on the other hand has an extensive history with Magellan. First introduced in Magellan on page 4.137, she met Maya in (ahem) a slightly compromised condition on page 4.159. During that day Cassie showed her true colors (4.212) and later tried to have Maya ‘rewrite’ peoples’ minds (4.299-300)… which led to Cassie then moving to Oz Magellan before her paths would again cross with Maya’s (5.99) and an attempt at payback (5.114) led to a confrontation with density shifter Joe in his gaseous form (5.115) which ultimately didn’t go too well for Cassie (5.118 & 5.127) although that encounter was the reason she’s now without fingers, toes, ears and hair it’s perhaps not the main reasons she’s now in the slam (5.128)!