The Things That Matter 02: Woo! A graduation party!! A chance for some gratuitous background cameos!!!

We can see, in addition to those who have graduated from the Class of 2002 and the Academic Council, some who have previous graduated and have dropped in to socialise (or for the free food). Let’s see… Liberator, Epoch and Twilight are having a chat in the second panel. There’s Red Centre, Hoodoo and Dr Spooky in the third panel. We can also see a bit of The Hierophant in the first panel, speedsters The Greyhound and Fastest Man (currently featuring in Legacy) off in the background of the third… with Lord Psiot VIII and Ranger Bill to the right side of the third. Please note that some, like Hoodoo and Lord Psiot, are using earlier versions of their costumes. You may need to check out the barely useful Cast Page if you’re unsure about who some of those characters are.

Plus we have speedster Phache in the group of celebratory four, she too is featuring in the current Legacy story/voting incentive. Also, I gave a name to the snake woman… figured it was only fair since she speaks in this scene – Meretseger (She Who Likes Silence)… make of that what you will.

This was a fun page to draw, but jeeze, crowd scenes are a killer!!!

Finally, some readers were wondering if there was ever any cadet who idolised Ken Spence… I think you have your answer. And I didn’t have to write this is into the scene for that reason, it was already there!

Next update: Sunday April 8, 2018: Spence ain’t happy.

Legacy: There’s a new voting incentive about the Magellanverse’s speedsters, including the very first… The Streaker. Next update will be later today April 1, (about 5pm Sydney time/3am NY) keep an eye on the blog or RSS feed. Voting gives you access to the current page, raises Magellan’s profile and hopefully scores us a few more readers (oh, and BTW, pages might contain nudity!).