It’s back to Magellan Island, this page follows on from 6.05 where we saw the RoboMat Bots coming online under the control of the Locke parasite. For those of you who came in late, the RoboMat is a training facility for the cadets (and even graduated heroes) – think Danger Room but with robots instead of hard light holograms. It was first seen in Chapter 4 here, and then again in a full training exercise here. There was brief glimpse this chapter on page 6.112.

That last panel was totally bananas to draw! Took me several hours but I had a lot of fun. You might notice a mix of newbie cadets and a few senior ones scattered throughout the mayhem. If you are one of my $10 Patreon supporters you might like to check out a step by step oline of the drawing/colouring process for this panel in this post.

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