(Hologram) Tom Bass rallies the troops, we focus mostly on Olga and Brelvis’ classmates from the first year cadets although there are a few fourth year cadets which some readers may remember from Chapter 4 (they were in red third year uniforms back then!). The white haired guy is Zac Breen, “speedster-supreme” (his words), introduced on page 4.161, as were Polly and V’Ries (green skinned metamorph and yellow phasing dude respectively) who also had a cameo on page 5.12. Sitting next to Zac is also Ali Baja, a wizard who was introduced on page 4.184. Of the first year cadets we’ve seen a bit from Sun Moon (magnetism), Maria Ponti (luminescence) already, most notably on page 6.31. The guy with the orange hair is Matt Bloom (sub-zero thermics) with a cameo on 6.29 (where he had other things on his mind!) as did the little blue guy Ornak (shape-shifter). There are a few other cameos you can familiarise yourself with the first year cadets via the Olga & Brelvis strips.