The Olaf Mystery [Tales From the Magellanverse]

Page 1: Who or what is Olaf?
Seems someone has their eye on this large craniumed first year cadet!
The Olaf Mystery
Grace: Most of the time I obviously work from my own stories so it can be fun to take on someone else's script and turn it into a comic. I've really only done that before with the scrpt Al Schroeder  wrote for the Mindmistress/Rochelle team up  story Stairway to Heaven. and for various pages in the team up story Crossoverkill - see this sequence for example, drawn by me but written by one of the other guys in the teamup group (sorry, can't remember who!!). So yeah, this was fun. As VileTerror will attest it took me a while to sink my creative teeth into the script, but once I did I finally had a measure of the story and really enjoyed drafting then drawing/colouring it. As is my way with these collaborative projects I made a number of story schanges along the way - to mainly suit depictions of some characters - and I'm grateful to VileTerror for being OK with me doing that.

This opening sequence gave me a chance to show not only a few of the other first year cadets but some of the more unusual cadets and heroes - a number of whom readers would hopefully be largely familiar with!

VileTerror: Some of you may be curious about who the author of this “book” is. Well… that’s kind of the whole point of this story!  In fact, originally in the first draft of the script, the author was never meant to be revealed at all.  Even I was going to keep myself in the dark, allowing Grace to decide who the author of the journal was, and whether or not to reveal it some day. However, Grace convinced me that revealing the author was important.  It will take some time before we reach that reveal, though.  So it gives all of you readers out there plenty of opportunities to propose your guesses and explain your theories.  The only hint you’ll get for now is the one given in the first quarter of this page.  Good luck in sleuthing out the mystery!



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