The Olaf Mystery [Tales From the Magellanverse]

Page 2 - Bugs is Good!
The new batch of cadets train for The Gauntlet....
The Olaf Mystery
Grace: Long time readers might notice this training sequence bears lots of similarity to that of this one in The Great Leap Forward story. That is a great thing and I am so glad VileTerror included it in the script... this is a new intake of first year cadets and The Gauntlet exercise originally shown in chapter 2 is a tradition and one they must all run.

So Svetty is a character introduced in a one strip outing during the Olga and Brelvis comics I mentioned previously... see Meet The Freshers part 8! So little is known about any of these one shot characters it's great to give them some more screen time. She has a weird possibly dorky/Aquaman-esque power... the ability to telepathically control insects and arachnids. But given those critters make up a substantial part of the biomass on the planet, many of which are not just nasty and scary and venomous but also potentially lethal, maybe her power isn't that dorky after all! This sequence gave me the chance to explore it further.

As VileTerror notes below this scene received a bit of a rewrite. When I'm drafting a page from a script there are a couple of things that I strive for...
a visual narrative as much as a written one, and some humour and/or drama to finish a page on (largely necessitated by the serial nature of these comics when originally published). As VileTerror will explain in a few more pages, the original script had Svetty somewhat terrified of heights, and while that had humour potential I felt I wanted to show her as more confident. And that's when I got the idea of her riding the bug cloud and once that thought had entered my mind there was no way I was going to pass up the opportunity to include it!! Plus it was a great visual gag. Could it work in reality...?? Weeeeelllll that's open to debate!!

VileTerror: The original version of the script for this portion of the story was largely unchanged, but significantly different in one way:  I had Svetty deathly afraid of heights.  Naturally, Grace knows her characters better than I do, and instead of my version of Svetlana, you get to see the confident and capable young cadet in the way she was meant to be shown.



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