The Olaf Mystery [Tales From the Magellanverse]

Page 3: Bad bugs!
Nice idea, Svetty... in theory!
Dr Spooky & Otto
Grace: We get to see the current crop of first year cadets strut their stuff! As I mentioned last update, I really like the fact that this scene revolves around one of the exercises Kaycee and her fellow cadets trained for during the Great Leap Forward storyline.

VileTerror: Remember when I said that Svetlana was “capable?”  I suppose it would have been more honest to say “apparently capable,” eh? Somewhat surprising to me was Grace’s decision to include the actual impact of Svetlana’s fall.  Then again, she hasn’t shied away from violence in other scenes during the main storyline. I guess I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

Grace again: Oh yeah, I consider Magellan a "mature" comic - hence the  swears, ocassional nudity and violence. While none of it is gratuitous I sure don't mind indulging from time to time! This fall by Svetty needed to be pretty brutal and the reasons as to why will be clearer next page.



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